Tony Optical was founded in Taiwan, Taipei in 1973 by Lin Mei-Ching.  It is a manufacturing company that produces brand-name sunglasses and sports eyewear.  Tony Optical has expanded and has now established two other factories - one in ZhongZhou, China, and the other at Ho-chiming City, Vietnam. We sell products worldwide including USA, Japan, Europe, Australia, ...etc. We have earned a high reputation from our customers. 

    Tony Optical’s ideal concept - We want to create an environment where employees have the motivation to learn, to innovate, to show leadership, and above all to show passion. We continue to improve as a corporation by learning from our past mistakes and moving forward as a whole. We always seek to show excellence by being innovative with our products and being trustworthy to our customers; Showing ethical implications is our most important principle as we believe honesty is a must to our customers. 

    Tony Optical is devoted to helping customers in any way that best fits them.  We develop projects with our customers based on their needs by technique-oriented methods. We strictly control the quality of our products in order to satisfy the demands of our customers. We consider the customer’s request as our primary objective and continue to strive to do better. Quality is of the essence and we take this seriously, so all products are above international standards. 

China’ Factory:


Vietnam’ Factory: